Hettie Gets Out

She’s safely shut in and yet Hettie gets out
And she goes to the places she cares most about

Hettie gets out under cover of dark
And she pushes the kids on the swings in the park

Hettie meets Beryl who moved out last June
And they chat about old times and tap out a tune
And then Hettie tells Bel she’ll be joining her soon

Pamphlet: George Lansbury, Minnie Lansbury and Modern Feminism

In November 2016, Janine gave the fourth annual George Lansbury Memorial Lecture, on the subject of George Lansbury, Minnie Lansbury and their relevance to modern feminism.

The text of the lecture has now been published as an attractive, A5, 14-page (exc. cover) pamphlet by the George Lansbury Memorial Trust.

Buy it here for £2.50 per copy + p&p.


Live at NeurodiVERSE Leeds

Video of Janine performing at NeurodiVERSE, an evening of autistic poetry in Leeds on 22 November 2017.

It includes the poems:

  • Being Normal
  • Manifesto from Behind the Mask
  • No Autistics Here
  • Haiku
  • Mostly Hating Tories
  • BoJo Logic
  • Night Tube
  • Disaffected Middle-aged Women


Eyes on the Prize

The Pfizer guys are haggling with the NICE
And while they talk, the cancer spreads again
You’ll get your pills when they’ve agreed a price

You’ll get your answer when they’ve rolled their dice
And dealt your hand out in their counting den
The Pfizer guys are haggling with the NICE


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