One Thing After Another

In my last treatment update post, I told of the two mysterious appointments in early January. Mysterious indeed. I turned up for the first one and discovered that both of them had been booked by mistake! 

Keen for the trip to Bart's not to have been a waste of time, I managed to come away armed with more test results, some pamphlets, a 3-month sick note and an invitation to a free massage whenever I want one. Result.

Reading one of the pamphlets - on food and drink during cancer treatment - I discovered that I have not been consuming enough alcohol. As an obedient and sensible patient, I resolve to address this shortcoming.

The tiredness, dizziness and headaches that beghan a week after starting Tamoxifen continued unabated. I ended up phoning the cancer nurses, who got back to me saying that the doctors want me to have a brain scan. I await the appointment. But of course, no sooner had I phoned up moaning about my side effects than said side effects abated!

LOUD WOMEN album launch

18/03/2017 - 12:00

Launch of the first LOUD WOMEN album (which includes Janine's poem 'Real Rape'), raising money for Women's Aid

Janine performs poetry alongside female-led bands including Argonaut, Bugeye, DeuxFurieuses, GUTTFULL, Little Fists, Madame So, Nervous Twitch, ThePotentials and more TBA

London: venue to be confirmed


Equality for autistic and neuro-divergent people!

By Joe Booth and Janine Booth, published in Solidarity 426, 11 January 2017

Socialist activists are drafting a manifesto for the Labour Party of radical policies to advance equality for autistic and other neurodivergent people (those with an atypical “brain-wiring”, usually a condition such as dyspraxia or attention deficit disorder). Supported by John McDonnell, a steering group has drafted a proposed manifesto and, having launched it at Labour Party conference in September, is now inviting input from Labour Party and trade union bodies and interested individuals.

Am I Fighting Cancer? Yes, But ...

"Fighting cancer"? It's a term often said but a matter of some discomfort and debate. I have been pummelling the punchbag of the issues, and here are my thoughts.

Yes, I am fighting cancer. It's a battle, and if you survive, you go through blood and bruises and can come out injured, physically and psychologically. And like a fighter, I spend a lot of my time stripped to the waist being attended to by medics!


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