1917: Nine Months That Shook The World

On Thursday, the women cried Bread, Peace and Land
On Friday, the workers walked out, joined their stand
On Saturday, more marched, a whole city spanned
On Sunday, the Tsar made the Duma disband
By Monday, Provisional and Soviet command

Farewell, Tsar
He went too far
Nasty Nick
Legged it quick
And now he’s off –
Bye, Romanov

Lenin returned and he set out the score
The new system’s capitalist, the rich rule the poor
Like Oliver Twist, now the Bolshies want more
It’s workers’ democracy we’re fighting for
This is not our republic; this isn’t our war 

Workers discussed their rebellion’s goal
Resolved they would advocate workers’ control
Knew their oppressors were power-crazed and vicious
So they set up Red Guards and formed people’s militias

Marching in protest at government fallacies
Peace for the hovels! War for the palaces!
Challenge the rulers and all their associates
Down with the Ministers! Power to the Soviets! 

Workers rose too soon
Insurgency was doomed
Kerensky’s pretext
To repress, arrest
Suppress the press

Government meets – workers strike
No time to retreat – workers fight
Government repression – workers’ objection
Kerensky’s response – postpone the election
Kornilov’s coup threatened bloody retribution
Bolshevik fightback saved the revolution

Workers rebelling
Peasants seizing land
Army in mutiny
And everywhere democracy
In councils and in factories
Debating, making policy
Electing Comrade Trotsky
Bolshevik majority

The time is now.
If not now, when?
If not us, who?
We are hungry, angry people
Still sent to a war
Without our support
They are ready to fall
We are ready to rule

Kerensky ran
Soviet government began.

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