A Sonnet to a Tory MP

A rewrite of Shakespeare’s Eighteenth Sonnet:

Shall I compare thee to a winter’s day?
Thou art more cold and more intemperate
Tough times won’t shake the buddies of Theresa May
Nor cruelty’s lease expire on short a date
No time too bright the lure of power shines
And never is its gold complexion dimmed
And never greed and nastiness declines
No chance your nature changes or is trimmed
But thy eternal meanness shall not fade
Nor lose possession of the wealth thou own
Nor shall the workers brag how much you’re paid
When in eternal lines your expense has grown
— So long as we can breathe or eyes can see
— So long we’ll live to fight the likes of thee

This sonnet was included by Confluence Medway in its second issue, which got artists to illustrate poems. Nigel Adams painted ‘All In It Together’ (pictured) to go with my verse!

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