A Way Through the (Concrete) Woods

Brush off the litter
and kick through the papers
They rush round and flitter
by bricks and skyscrapers 
Serve canapés, canopies
crowd out the sunshine
Apartment blocks, apple trees
loud dappled grapevine 
Dark undergrowth, underground
You touch in and touch out
on your way through the woods 

Growing pains, insect bites
scaffold like saplings
Go-slow lanes and traffic lights
manifold happenings
Listening and dreaming
to singer and speaker
They’re whistling and screaming
as strong tramples weaker
Make pick-ups and drops
in the neighbouring hoods
Dodging thickets and copse
on the way through the woods 

Jostling for space
in a forest of suits 
Don’t get lost in the race
and don’t trip over routes
You must work like a field mouse
a weaver or builder
Look up to the tree house
that leaves you bewildered
A pint at the Firkin
with greats and with goods 
We’re all of us working 
our way through the woods 


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