Marxist. Trade Unionist. Socialist-feminist. Author. Poet. Speaker. Tutor. RMT ex-Exec. Workers' Liberty. Autie. Bi. PUFC fan.

About Me

You've probably already noticed from the strapline at the top of the website that I am a Marxist, trade unionist, socialist-feminist, author, poet, speaker, tutor, former RMT Executive member, supporter of Workers' Liberty, aspie, bi, Peterborough United fan!

I have had four 'proper' books published:

I write and perform poetry. As The Big J, I was part of the ranting poetry movement in the 1980s, doing more than 100 gigs before giving it up at the end of the decade. In 2014, I took up the muse again, and am now a performing angry middle-aged woman poet. :-)

My four books of poetry can be bought from this site, here:

I am active in the RMT trade union, having previously represented its London Transport members on the union's National Executive. I was the founding Chair, and am now Secretary, of the union's Disabled Members' Advisory Committee.

I am a member, and former co-Chair, of the TUC Disabled Workers' Committee, and post reports and news here about how the Committee is working to organise and speak up for disabled workers.

I particularly work on the issue of autism, including running training and giving presentations to trade unionists about Autism in the Workplace.

I am a former member of the ETF Women's Committee.

From 2005 until 2007, I blogged on the Workers' Liberty website, and from 2007 until 2011 at Stroppyblog.

I live in Lewes, East Sussex, with my partner, the youngest of our three kids, two cats and two dogs.