Amplify by Allographic

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A poetry book by Janine Booth.

“Amplify the voices that rarely get a hearing. Power up the megaphone and drown out the jeering. Amplify and magnify the voices that are hampered by calcifying attitudes and patronising platitudes…”

Janine Booth has dedicated her life to magnifying the words of the marginalised, empowering the overlooked, and amplifying important voices in constant danger of being drowned out, in a seemingly unstoppable mission of truth against power. In this collection we get to see determination, rage, grief, wryness, and a surprising amount of much-needed humour and affectionate silliness in these difficult times.

Joelle Taylor calls it: “Classic spoken word from the one of the UK’s foremost original ranters.”

Phill Jupitus says: “This collection of poetry covers a dazzling range from the righteous fury of the ignored and oppressed to the glorious playground of the daft and all points between. There are poets who can do it, but the better ones are those who mean it. Janine Booth means every word. Read loud.”

Rick Dove enthuses: “Amplify is a fizzling firecracker of collection, combining acerbic wit and righteous ire with lyricism to create something explosive. Both irreverent and yet deeply sincere, Janine Booth has mastered a difficult balance with aplomb.”

Allographic Press is frankly ecstatic to produce this rallying cry to the dispossessed by such an experienced and dedicated author, and we look forward to sharing the ebook and audiobook soon.

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