Anti-Vax Parallax

Blocking folk from getting jabs
Harassing working people 
Spouting endless bafflegab
While calling others sheeple

Sharing psychobabble memes 
Spurning free protection
This is off so many beams
This isn’t insurrection

I too don’t trust authority
I want to smash the system
But this is not a just minority
This is not resisting

This isn’t societal improvement 
This isn’t sound debate
This is not a counter-movement
But a harmful counterweight 

A shabby counterfeit of science
Dressed up in rebel clothes
That glories pointless non-compliance
And doles out body blows

I’ll protest, I want scrutiny
I love a demonstration
But this is not a mutiny
It’s mutual flagellation 

Of course I loathe the iron fist
Of course there’s power in wealth
But this isn’t anti-capitalist
This is anti-health

Seeing Machiavellian
Plots that sow confusion 
This is not rebellion
It’s poisonous delusion

Champions of superstition
Shot with holes and flaws
They’re on an anti-medical mission
Rebels with a rubbish cause 

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