Autism and Workplace Stress

The Summer 2016 issue of unionlearn’s ‘Learning Rep’ magazine includes an article on ‘Changing the way we work’, arguing that “Identifying the real roots of workplace stress is the best way to genuinely promote mental and physical health at work.”

RMT member Janine Booth pointed out that, while fewer than 50 per cent of disabled people were in work, just 15 per cent of all autistic people had a full-time job, and more than 25 per cent of autistic graduates were unemployed. “I don’t believe for one minute that this is because they are incapable of a job: I think it’s because workplaces are systematically autism-unfriendly,” she said. “Sixty-one per cent of those autistic adults who are out of work say that they want to work, so why aren’t they working? Here’s a clue: 53 per cent say they want help to find work but only 10 per cent are actually getting the help they need.”

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