Awareness Awareness

I’m declaring World Awareness Awareness Day
on 1 April every year
We need more awareness of our awareness
and of our lack of it.

How many people are even aware
of how aware they are or are not?
Not enough!
This must change!

I ask you all to wear my
Awareness Awarenss Day
badge and/or ribbon
and/or wristband and/or lanyard

And/or to wear awareness-coloured underwear
and/or a shirt patterned with awareness
These are, I am told, highly effective ways
of raising awareness of awareness

Oh, and be sure to post my cryptic
and unrelated symbol on your
social media wall and/or feed
and/or story and/or profile

That way, we can all feel good
about our awareness
of awareness
And snigger at the unaware



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