I asked because I didn’t know
I stayed because I couldn’t go
I told because I couldn’t show
I wilted when I couldn’t grow
Said yes because you won’t take no
I’m high because I can not cope with low

It’s night because it isn’t day
It’s April ’cause it’s not yet May
I signed because I couldn’t say
I left because I couldn’t stay
I stole because I couldn’t pay
It’s black-and-white because I don’t do grey

I stand because there is no seat
I’m cool ’cause I can’t stand the heat 
I join the things I can not beat
I’ll win if I avoid defeat
I’m messy ’cause the world’s not neat
I starve because I have no food to eat

I grill because I shouldn’t fry
I run because I can not fly
I borrow what I can not buy
I’m blunt because I can not lie
I question ’cause I don’t know why
I demonstrate because I can’t stand by

I nudge the things it hurts to kick
I sniff the things I dare not lick
I’ll disconnect if we don’t click 
I twist because I can not stick
I choke because the air is thick
I’ve fallen ill because the system’s sick

I swam ’cause I don’t have a boat
Wore blankets when I had no coat
I sink because I can not float
I cried because you never wrote
I rapped ’cause I can’t hit the note
Broke windows ’cause you wouldn’t let me vote

I walk because I can not hop
Come second if I don’t come top
I shout because I’m in a strop
Break laws because they’re not much cop
I’ll belt out words until I drop 
I’ll end here or I’ll never ever stop



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