Bystander. Standing by.
Something in my eye.
I didn’t see it. I couldn’t say.
Not my business anyway.

Maybe he hit her.
Not really sure.
And I don’t think I saw
what happened before.
Maybe she provoked him.
What’s a bloke
supposed to do?
I didn’t see.
I never knew.

I was daydreaming.
Updating and memeing.
Crossing the road.
Didn’t see the guy.
Reading my phone.
Standing by.

Head in the clouds.
Lost in the crowds.
Never saw an actual fight.
Hidden in front of me
in plain sight.
Looking at my feet
so I didn’t trip over.
Biting my fingernails.
Looking over my shoulder.

It passed in seconds.
Steam on my specs
meant I couldn’t really see.
I had my eyes closed.


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