Carpe Diem. Don’t Stuff It Up.

Written on the day that Jeremy Corbyn was elected Leader of the Labour Party, with 59.5% of the vote on the first round.

Tears of joy from years of anguish
Corbyn’s won – by a country mile
Let red flags fly and traitors languish
Nothing wipes away this smile
The tide has turned in our direction
Don’t let the cynics interrupt
Democratise, end disaffection
So go for it – don’t stuff it up

We’ve had our times of sad betrayals
Suffered decades of defeat
The Blairite train’s now off its rails
Our movement’s getting to its feet
The Labour right is none too thrilled
Well, they’ll just have to suck it up
But smugness only won’t rebuild
So organise – don’t stuff it up

The S-word’s on our lips again
Socialism’s in the news
Take time to listen and explain
Come walk in working people’s shoes
Time to blow the blues away
Let struggles rise, campaigns erupt
Carpe diem – seize the day
What’s Latin for ‘don’t stuff it up’?

Don’t think one man’s the one solution
Don’t stop as though the job is done
It’s only half a revolution
It’s not the end, it’s just begun
The time ahead will test our mettle
No poisoned chalice – winner’s cup
Let’s stir the dust, don’t let it settle
Go on to win – don’t stuff it up


This poem is included in an excellent blog post, Corbyn, naked moments and the leviathan stripped bare on the also-excellent Anaemic on a Bike blog.

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