Caused by what fors and closed doors
Something’s up on the upper floors
Down on all fours
Looking for an explanation
Must be caused by vaccination
Not-so-innocent innoculation
Caused by flaws or some mutation
Looking for the insanity clause
Looking for an injury claim
Looking for someone or something to blame

Caused by excess testosterone
Progesterone or factors unknown
Caused by genes or secret schemes
Fertilisers, pesticides
The answer hides in the old grey matter
Must be mad, mad as a hatter

Holding a mystery in my lobes
Charity detectives insist they can solve
This puzzle, enigma
Embarrassment, stigma
Who is going to make the breakthrough?
Who is going to remake you?
We can surely locate a cure
If only you’ll donate some more
Relentless pursuit of a pill to prevent us
Until then, resent us
It’s systemic
Seems to be an epidemic

This week’s good cause for rattling tins
Atonement for our previous sins
Caused by karma
Caused by some pre-natal drama
Cursed and never blessed, us
These things are sent to test us

Causes anxiety, discomfort, shame
Causes anguished society to rethink again
Causes people to look away
Don’t know what to do or say
No-one would want to be this way

Put in a category
Marked ‘tragedy’
Do you need a label
Or are we just unstable?

Marked from behind masks
With strains and stains
No-one ever asks
What causes ‘normal’ brains

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