Change Here

Based on a true incident …

Paula was tired from a day out protesting
Paula was on her way home, needed resting
She slumped on the train and
She winced against pain and
She thought, “Days like this one are testing”

She’d been up to London, not seeing the Queen
But rather to Parliament, causing a scene
Abandoned her manners
With others, with banners
They showed what the cuts really mean

Driven to anger and pushed to distraction
Storming the palace was positive action
No ifs and no buts
And no benefit cuts
They’re determined to stir a reaction

So now she was sat on the train on her own
Our Paula just needed a quiet journey home
But something was cooking
And someone was looking
At her in inquisitive tone

Sharp eyes scanned The Times through expensive-framed glasses
The broadsheet of choice of the judgemental classes
He’s sure that was Paula
Although she looks smaller
​In real life, but reticence passe

Crossing the carriage, he’s drawing his finger
“That’s you in the paper, a dead flipping ringer”
Would Paula deny it?
No – don’t even try it
She’d live with the grief this would bring her

“Here’s trouble”, thought Paula, decidedly fearful
“I’m sure that I’m going to be getting an earful
He’ll call me corruptive
And downright disruptive”
Her jaw clenched to stop getting tearful

He raised his hand up – but it wasn’t to slap
It was joined by the other in thunderous clap
“I say, well done to you
It is long overdue
That someone stood up to this crap”

He turned to the carriage and spoke up to say
“This woman and friends stormed the Commons today
I’m loving their attitude
Give them your gratitude
Keeping the cutters at bay”

As Paula was mobbed with their congratulations
She went past her stop and she missed seven stations
“Give more information!”
“Please take a donation!”
“Let’s all fight this discrimination!”

Now maybe the tale I have told is a strange thing
Or maybe our actions are proving engaging
So act for what’s right
And take up the fight
And the Times readers may be a-changing

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