Coffee Stop

This café is definitely aimed at the older consumer 
It’s just up the road from the streamside retirement apartments
And over the street, the mobility vehicle shop.

And it’s called Cosy Corner.

When you open the door, it knocks a small bell which ting-tings
And everyone there turns their head round and looks straight at you
When somebody leaves, every person there says a goodbye.

And there is no WiFi.

The menu has coffee on offer that’s only called coffee
And sandwiches made out of bread that’s only called bread 
The sole vegetarian options are plain or cheese omelettes.

And there’s just salt and pepper.

Walking sticks hang on the corners of bare wooden tables
The local Gazette and the Mail provide reading material
And people report on their latest prognosis or probate.

And how things used to be.

When I become old, I will hang at a café like this one
But there will be mayo and WiFi and radical bookshelves
Avocado and pine nut ciabattas and granary bread.

And punk rock on the juke box.



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