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Bristol's Brilliant Bus Boycott (1963)

Submitted by Janine on 27 October 2020 at 10:04

Back before barring blacks became banned
Bristol buses blocked brown-skinned blokes becoming buscrew

But better Bristolians batted back
bit the bullet and boycotted the buses

Bent-backed, booted bipeds bicycled,
as bitter brushes blazed between bile and benevolence

Bands of brave, belligerent banner-bearers
branded the ban biased, barbarous balderdash

Bemoaned blatant, barefaced bigotry and betrayal
Bellowed: Blacks belong on Bristol's buses!

Baying, backward bigots became baffled,
bewildered, began bawling

Bosses blustered, buckled, backtracked and
being broke, begged bus boarders back

Behold! Bristol's baleful blight beautifully - but belatedly - banished!
Bravo! Back to barracks, brethen

Beyond, battles beckon