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This Poem is Sponsored

Submitted by Janine on 01 April 2017 at 11:08

This stanza is sponsored
by a weekend bonanza
of two-for-one deals
on our easy-cook meals
from the town's happy eater
which has paid for its meter

All of its sponsors
have generously given
a big wodge of dosh
for their brand on its rhythm

A local disk jockey
has sponsored a trochee
(That's a tum-tee-tum beat
with some well-branded feet)

Although you won't like who
has sponsored the haiku - 
It's funding its rhymes
through the Mail and the Times

This ode is made, possibly,
by the great generosity
of the corporate budgets
however you judge it
a bland bargain basement
with products in placement

This poem is brought to you
packaged and bought