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What We Want

Submitted by Janine on 11 February 2017 at 12:26

I thought the pay
Was quite OK
When I first came through the door
Then I paid my rent
And it was spent
And now I want some more

The company's board
Say they can't afford
They've got no more to give
But like Olly Twist
More than subsist
I want enough to live

With union mates
We set some dates
And all walked out on strike
Now if the boss
Has crumbs to toss
We'll say: get on your bike

They may dispense
A few more pence
But something is amiss
See the amount
In their account
We want much more than this

Some lefty sorts
Showed their support
And had some stuff to say
(But when some racists
Showed their faces
We sent the scum away)

And then we looked
At films and books
And questioned what we knew
We listened, talked
Debated, thought
And what we wanted grew

We stood our ground
And looked around
At injustice and reaction
And when we're done
And this battle's won
It's on to our next action

We've had to live
On what they'd give
And not on what we're worth
We used to plead
For chicken feed
But now we want the earth