Crazed Loner

R.I.P. Jo Cox MP

Crazed loner
Helpline phoner
Hummer and groaner
Window licker
Timebomb ticker

Deranged and estranged
He’s a stabber, a shooter
Overly obsessed with his computer

He’s nothing to do with us, you see
No link to white supremacy
Not our responsibility
We’re pillars of civility
Not killers, no culpability

We implore you to blame
His psychopathology
We’re sure there’s a name
For this damaged neurology
Rushed off the cuff diagnosis
A murderous psychosis
Don’t mention his views till it’s proved beyond doubt
But declare him a nutter before the day’s out

Darker skin, different matter
Not as crazy as a hatter
He’d be a jihadi
But he’s flipped-out mad, he
Isn’t called a terror fighter,
He has skin a good shade lighter

Do not – and this is critical –
Make a politician’s murder political
Even when it is.

That photo’s a phoney
He’s not even a crony
He’s a crackhead, a stoner
An out-of-this-zoner

– So here’s to all those loners and crazies
– And nutjobs, fruitloops and other phrases
– Who mean and carry out no harm
– Who don’t shop online for mail-order arms
– Who are much more likely to be hurt than to hurt
– Distressed or depressed or introvert

– Damn the disowner
– The unstated condoner
– Justice postponer
– Headline writer
– Washing whiter
– Undertoner
– Crazed loner.

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