DAISY who compulsively corrected everything and came to an accurate end

(in the style of Hilaire Belloc)

She could not help it, Daisy Long 
Correcting all she found was wrong
She simply could not stand to see
A badly-placed apostrophe 
Omitted letters or possessive! 
Her victims thought her quite obsessive

Her sister Paula, brother Hector 
Called her Little Miss Corrector
She never missed a chance to state
When figures were not accurate
Haphazard spice racks caused her dread
She lined them up from A to Zed

She could not let a person make
An error, slip-up or mistake
And Daisy took supreme delight
When you were wrong and she was right 
With condescending airs and voice
Red biro was her pen of choice

Till all the people she’d upset
Decided that they had to get
Together and devise a plot
To bring her terror to a stop
So while she tried to smirk and pout
They crossed her through and rubbed her out

But Daisy would be glad to know
This was her ideal way to go
When using present perfect tense
Her eulogy made flawless sense
And everybody there observed
It was the send-off she deserved.



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