We put our differences aside
As wise advisers said 
We swept them out of open sight
And left them there for dead

And how the atmosphere improved
And how united we
Now sidelined were our differences
And we could all agree

Oh yes, we said, and quite right, mate
Concur with you, I must
And all the time our differences
Just sat there gath’ring dust

And while we smiled and slapped our backs
No cracks or clashes showing
We never paused to notice that
Our differences were growing

As we shook hands and linked our arms
And marched into the light
Our differences were festering
And spoiling for a fight

While we ignored our differences
Left outcast on the side
Our differences grew teeth and claws
And bit and scratched and cried

We heard a chilling, screaming noise
Which cleaved the air, and then
Our differences crashed in and tore
Us clean apart again

So if there is a next time then
A bitter truth we’ll face
The side where differences are put
Is sure a dangerous place

And thanks but no thanks for the tip
A different road we’ll tread
In place of putting them aside
We’ll deal with them instead


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