Email to Egyptian Embassy: Don’t ban strikes and workers’ meetings

On 14 February 2011, I sent the following email to the Egyptian Embassy, [email protected]

I have today read in the media (for example, here) that Egypt’s military authorities are planning to issue an order banning workers’ meetings and strikes. If this is true, I wish to register the strongest possible objection.

Egypt’s people – including its workers and trade unionists – have driven from office a dictatorial and repressive President, and are determined to secure a democratic future. A cornerstone of democracy is the right of workers to organise together, and if necessary, to withdraw their labour. Egypt’s workers’ movement must be allowed to organise freely.

Please assure me that Egypt has no plans to repress or ban workers’ organisation.


Janine Booth
London Transport workers’ representative, Council of Executives
National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (UK) (personal capacity)

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