Everybody Needs Good Strikers

Bring out the braziers on Ramsay Street,
close down the kitchen and turn up the heat
No more exploitation of the workers’ labours –
the staff are going on strike in Neighbours!
The ranks of the workers’ movement swell
as the comrades at Lassiters Hotel
flex their muscles and show some clout
by downing tools and walking out
It’s all for one and one for all
in a show of strength against Money-bags Paul
He’s a pantomime villain and a sharp employer
but he’ll get no help from Toadie the lawyer
He’s stirring up resentments and troubled water,
over-promoting his own grand-daughter
So they’re fighting management’s despotism
and Robinson family nepotism
Never mind the ballots, this is wildcat action,
led by the hotel’s militant faction
If we all stand together then nothing can divide us –
Victory to the Erinsborough strikers!

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