One last time before we split
let’s go and sit
in the grassy bit
in the churchyard astride the log
throw sticks for the dog
and look at the playground
and the place where the nursery stood
Before we’re gone for good

One last time before we part
let’s go to the park
where we ran when we were young
kicked balls, made fun
Where I lost my eye
and found my resolve
Got involved

One last time before we leave
let’s call on friends
meet pals
stroll along the Regent’s Canal
Chat with anglers
stand back for bikes
Admire the herons
if you like

One last time before the movers call
let’s call in at the community hall –
the one we saved from the wrecking ball
A parting petition, leaflet, stall
Let’s pay our respects
at one last protest on the Town Hall steps

One more workout, one last swim
a final curry at the Al-Amin
One last check-up at the vet
a parting letter to the Hackney Gazette
One more door-knock, one more meeting
a final film and a poetry reading
A last Sunday lunch at the Pembury
a hopeful plea to remember me
Remember us
One last train journey, one more bus
A final walk to Ridley Road
bagels, bananas, loose-fruit load
One last dash to A and E
a final sneeze from the blossom tree
Let’s nick a beermat for us to keep
from the pub that will always be the Samuel Pepys

Or maybe not
It’s not worth it, is it?
That’s a hundred reasons to come back and visit.

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