Favourite Things (Lewes Remix)

Frost-polished gardens and cold hands in mittens
Cute, cobbled alleyways, steep, narrow twittens
Playgrounds with climbing frames, ropewalks and swings –
Lewes is full of my favourite things

A walk up the Down to see windmills and horses
Vegan pub lunches with gluten-free sauces
Blue cheese and celery, smoked tofu wings –
Lewes has loads of my favourite things

Places of worship, a church with a steeple
Community football club owned by the people
Twenty-ish pubs from the Swan to the King’s –
Lewes has so many favourite things

Chalk cliffs, the castle, the ruins of the Priory
November the fifth, when it gets rather fiery
Toddlers in strollers and babies in slings –
Lewes is full of my favourite things

But there’s poverty, inequality,
Injustices to fight –
So we need more of our favourite things
If we’re going to put that right

Battling the Tories, campaigns and elections
Benefit concerts and foodbank collections
Fighting each cut and the hurt that it brings
Standing together for positive things

Taking the knee the whole length of the High Street
Donations to refuges given on my street
Posters for healthcare for free with no strings
These are a few of our favourite things

Welcoming refugees, begging your pardon
Striking to make sure the trains have a guard on
The action from which solidarity springs
A world we can win full of wonderful things

Giving out leaflets and signing petitions
Provoking a fightback and stirring sedition
Thomas Paine’s call of rebellion still stings
The Battles of Lewes – my favourite things!


Written for Lewes Constitutency Labour Party

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