Fence Sitter

They’re cutting help to those in need – 
What case to vote against?
This is a tricky one indeed 
I’m staying on the fence

Scrap targets for child poverty?
My mind is wracked with doubt
Perhaps, no – maybe, probably –
I’m sitting this one out

What’s wrong with capping benefits?
Could someone please explain?
There’s good things, bad things – call it quits
I think I’ll just abstain

Yes, voting No to welfare cuts
Would lead to Labour losing!
So we must show no heart or guts –
My, this is so confusing!

It’s been explained to me at last
The logic’s mighty fine
To be against, we let it pass –
I’m going to toe the line

The fallout for a hungry kid?
Now that just leaves me cold
What impact on my Leader’s bid?
I’m doing what I’m told

The Whip’s my master and my guide
We’re called the Opposition
But when it’s time to take a side
Abstention’s our position

Of course I’ll still expect my flock 
To vote me in again
On polling day I’ll be quite shocked
When voters too abstain

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