Freudian Slip

When he answered that councillor’s question
  He let out a Freudian slip
When he argued for wages exemption
  It wasn’t a gaffe or a blip
When his Lordship said disabled workers
  Should get by on two quid an hour
No, he wasn’t just acting the jerk as
  Though he’d just come down in a shower

He was voicing his deep-seated feeling
  And saying what most Tories think
And his innermost bigot revealing –
  A slip named for Sigmund the shrink
Now the trouble he’s in – give him credit –
  Is not for the vile thing he said
But merely the fact that he said it
 And didn’t stay tight-lipped instead

Cos the party that’s not above shutting
  The life-saving fund, ILF,
And doesn’t think twice about cutting
  Back Access to Work for the deaf
Will not likely have moral objection
  To cutting our wages next June 
And Lord Freud – he just needed correction
  For letting it slip out too soon

This poem was published on the Poetry-24 website on 24 October 2014.

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