Guest poem: This is Me

A poem written by Caroline Sturgess, a Fire Brigades Union representative who attended a neurodiversity course run by Janine

I am loud, I am chatty
I am exhausting, Impulsive and batty

My thoughts are quick, I want to help out
I’m keen to engage, I want to shout out

I can not sit still, I fidget a lot
I’m a pain in the arse, relaxed I am not

I have my opinions of fairness and what’s not right
I’m protective of my own, I’m ready to fight

I came on this course eager to learn
It’s opened my eyes on some familiar terms

I can relate to issues and discriminations made
I was once a little girl who learned to behave

I’ve learned to sit still, to focus on tasks
to listen intently to what has been asked

I write notes that can help me and lists of things to be done
my head is spinning, I have a lot on

I count down with breathing or go for a run
I get it, I’m high energy, I’m a lot to take on

Janine has inspired me to progress what she’s taught
I love her good words, YouTube channel and no-nonsense approach

I will stand up for disabilities, I will engage in the fight
I will support neurodivergent members when somethings aren’t right

the movement is happening, I can feel it tonight
who is with me? Lets share this insight

Shout out to all listening, its time to unite
dyslexia and neurodiversity training, you’ve been a delight

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