Haiku Series: From a London Bus

This is what happens
When I spend my bus journey
Composing haiku

​You don’t often see
A bull in a china shop
Ordering spring rolls

Eavesdrop on buses
Poetry manuals suggest
But no-one’s talking

​Hands-free mobile plus:
You can now get away with
Talking to yourself

If The Jam had sung
‘In the City of London’
A thousand things crashed

Hopping and stretching
Waiting for the 55:
Your bus stop workout

Mister Disraeli
Later Earl of Beaconsfield
Was born in this house

Your gridlocked junction
Your Tube station, your cafés
You are an Angel

I have a question –
Why do people who cut keys
Also repair shoes?

For safety reasons
Unauthorised entry is
Strictly forbidden

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