Harvey is a Sex Addict

Harvey Weinstein is an addict
Harvey, he just has to have it
Harvey’s checked into a clinic
Not convinced? You heartless cynic
Harvey can not help himself
Please pray for Harvey’s failing health

Poor Harvey, he is sex addicted
Please don’t mock the sad afflicted
He’s compelled to grope and woo
His penis tells him what to do
He has no choice, he must obey
He needs to sate his lust each day

So Harvey’s at it like a rabbit
Finds it hard to kick his habit
He’s a slave to his libido
Hands won’t stay in his tuxedo
Doctor! It’s pathology!
Why can’t you show some sympathy?!

– But here’s the thing that’s overlooked
– It wasn’t sex got Harvey hooked
– ‘Cause sex is pleasure, sex is sensual
– Most of all, sex is consensual
– Harvey’s targets cringe and cower
– Harvey gets his kicks from power

– Go and tell your editor:
– Harvey is a predator.


This poem was published on Poetry24 and LOUD WOMEN on 18 October 2017.

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