Haters Gonna Hate

Haters gonna hate
Dictators gonna dictate
Tyrants gonna tyrannise 
Rebels will rebel and rise
Rival rulers gonna ride
Rebellion’s discontented tide

Bombers gonna bomb
Pogromists will pogrom
Fighters gonna fight
Families gonna take flight
Borders gonna rise
Papers gonna scandalise

Blamers gonna blame
Play divide-and-rule-us game
Leaders gonna lead?
No, leaders gonna look away
Leaders gonna see which way
Opinion’s wind will blow today

Blockade is gonna block
Shocking photo’s gonna shock
Donaters will donate
Activists will activate
Humans gonna humanise
People gonna organise

Arms are gonna hold out hands
Banners held by football fans
Reachers gonna reach
Our hands across the barbed-wire beach
Spinners gonna spin
Solidarity is gonna win.

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