I. D. S.

(The former Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Iain Duncan Smith, is known as IDS. But what else might it stand for?)

If David Says
“I Demand Savings”
I’ll Deliver Some!

I’d Delve through Sewage
Intimate Detailed Search
Identifies Deeper Savagery

I Dutifully Serve
Ignorance Division and Spite

Immediately increase investigations into illegitimate immigrants!
Deny disabled dole! dock! delay! denounce!
Short sharp shock! scrap social security!

If I’ve an inkling of impertinence, I’ll insist on impersonal inquiries
Demeaning degrading dehumanising, dish out a deterrent, dress down these damned delinquents with
Stiff sentences and serious severe sanctions as standard schemes to sift out scroungers

Instill Discipline and Strictness!
Interview? Dress Smartly in
Italian Designer Suit!

I intend to imminently install a
Duckhouse decorating my desirable detached
Sizeable sprawling swimming-pooled squat

I Don’t Support
Irresponsible Destitute Slouchers

I’m inclined to ignore
Doctors’ diagnoses that don’t
Suit saving sums

I Defy Science!

Indolent idlers
Don’t deserve
State spending

Ill?! I
Don’t doubt
Someone’s skiving

Inadequate Dysfunctional Subhumans with
Imaginary Diseases and Syndromes

I’ll Detect Shirkers with my
Icy insincere eyes
Disinterested dispassionate derogatory
Steely sneering stare, my
Insatiable incensed irateness
Detests despises and deplores
Such scavenging scum

Impudent irredeemable

I’m irritated by impertinent
Draft dodgers democratically
Shouting socialist slogans

Impolitely insistently
Demanding decency and
Supportive solutions

Instead I’ll inflict
Damage death and demoralisation on
Sorry suffering sick

If you Depend on Support
Imagine Diving Slowly
Into Deep Shit, an
Infinite Downward Spiral
Into Death’s Shadow
I’d not Dare Sleep

If you Desire Survival
Insurrection is imperative! inspire! include! intercept!
Demonstrate! defy! disagree! down with his dastardly deeds!
Stop the sadistic savage! strike to salvage sanity!

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