Imaginary Poetic Justice

Imagine if every time someone died
on an NHS waiting list
A scar appeared on
the skin of a Tory MP

If every time an MP failed to turn up
to an inconveniently-arranged appointment
They were sanctioned
​their state handouts stopped

Imagine if every time a person went to a food bank
a Tory MP had to go too
Not for a photo opportunity
but because the cupboard was empty

If every time someone placed their dignity in an upturned hat
and begged for the price of a roof and a feed
An MP had to prostrate themself before passers-by
to plea for an expenses claim, a state visit or a replacement nuclear weapons system

Imagine if for every degree
the global temperature rose
A Tory MP

Imagine if every time a company went bust
or a factory shut or a service was cut
and workers lost their jobs
Then Tory MPs lost theirs too.

We don’t have to imagine that though.
That we can make happen.

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