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Locked Up and Down

Submitted by Janine on 20 March 2021 at 14:07

If you're locked down with books
and a partner who cooks
better than you
Then you'll probably get through

If you're locked down with a garden
it might not be so hard and
with a nice glass of wine
You'll probably be fine

If you're locked down with games
and people who play them
and plenty of space
You can probably face it

If you're locked down with lists
of tasks that you missed
when you went out all day
You might be OK

And if you are locked down
without loss of pay
instead of with nowt
Then that's one less thing to worry about

But if you're locked down with damp
and it's cold and it's cramped
If you're breathing in spores
Then it's not good indoors

If you are locked down
with a primitive heater
and not enough coins
to keep feeding the meter
and a smell that you hate
Then that isn't so great

If your bubble is trouble
and your mum's prone to falls
If your lockdown companion
is climbing the walls
If he's working from home
so you don't get your respite
Or he's out of his job
and his head's getting desperate

If you are locked down
with a mental abuser,
independence refuser,
control over-user,
soaked in aggression
and close supervision
who teaches you lessons
with forensic precision

If you're locked down
with a partner-cum-master
with nowhere to go
to escape from the bastard
You're locked up and locked down
in exactly the place,
the home of your own,
where you're supposed to be safe

Remember the people,
most of them women,
whose lives were diminished
or brought to an end before lockdown was finished






Image by KERBSTONE from Pixabay