Issues and Campaigns

Animals, nature and the environment

Flora, fauna, climate, conservation, ...

Animals, nature and the environment > Animals and Nature

Appreciation of, and the battle to defend, those we share the planet with

Animals, nature and the environment > The environment

Saving the planet

Defending public services

Battles against privatisation and cuts

Defending public services > NHS and Health

Poems and pondering on all matters health, and on fighting to defend our NHS.

Defending public services > NHS and Health > Covid-19

Poems and ponderings on the health crisis that hit the world in early 2020.

Defending public services > NHS and Health > Mental health

Examining mental distress and ill-health and the (lack of) support available

Defending public services > Transport

Public transport - publicly-owned and -accountable, democratically run by workers and passengers, affordable, accessible, safe, efficient, environmentally-friendly ... cor, that'd be good, wouldn't it?!

Defending public services > Welfare Benefits

We need them. The right wing attacks them.


Challenging discrimination and fighting for liberation

Equalities > Anti-Racism

Fighting against racism and the structures and institutions that perpetuate it

Equalities > Anti-Racism > Antisemitism

Prejudice against, hostility towards, stereotyping of Jews

Equalities > Disability

Disabled people campaigning for rights - for access, benefits, services and equality; against discrimination, cuts, prejudice and pity!

Equalities > Disability > Autism

Autistic people face discrimination and prejudice in a society which expects us to understand and fit in with social rules that are not of our making.

Equalities > Disability > Autism > Autism in the workplace

Writing, training, speaking, campaigning ...

Equalities > Disability > Disability rights

Action against discrimination.

Equalities > Disability > Disabled access to public transport

Removing the barriers that prevent disabled people from travelling

Equalities > Disability > Neurodiversity

'Neurodiversity' means that different people have different brain wiring. Those with a minority brain wiring - such as dyslexic, autistic and dyspraxic people - face discrimination at work and in wider society. 

Equalities > LGBT+ liberation

Campaigning for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans* rights.

Equalities > Women’s liberation

Socialist feminism! Everyday sexism! Women's struggles past and present!

Equalities > Women’s liberation > Sexism

Misogyny, discrimination, prejudice, ...

Equalities > Women’s liberation > Socialist feminism

No women's liberation without socialism, not socialism without women's liberation

Equalities > Women’s liberation > Violence Against Women

On average, more than two women in England and Wales are killed by a male partner or ex. And then there is rape, sexual harassment, and more.

ETF Womens Committee

The Women's Committee of the European Transport workers' Federation (ETF), on which Janine served 2014-17


Pages from (or about) the past. Those who do not learn from its mistakes are doomed to repeat them. 

History > 1914-18 War

aka the First World War

History > 1919

The year of strikes, struggles and soviets ...

History > The Poplar Rates Rebellion

The 1921 rebellion in Poplar, east London, when thirty Labour councillors went to prison rather than cut services or increase rates.  

History > Trade union history

Workers' battles of the past that offer lessons and inspiration for the present and the future

History > Transport history

Episodes and anecdotes from the history of moving around

History > Women in history

or ... herstory


All around the world

International > Africa

Issues and campaigns from the continent of Africa and countries in it

International > Americas

Articles, poems and other items about Canada, the USA, Central and South America.

International > Asia

The world's largest and most populous continent

International > Australia and Pacific

Australia, New Zealand and Pacific islands and nations

International > Europe

Europe the continuent, the European Union, and European countries.

International > Europe > Ireland

Struggles and issues in Ireland

International > Israel/Palestine


Stuff about the city where I (used to) live and (still occasionally) work!

London > Grenfell Tower fire

The appalling fire on 14 June 2017, in which 72 people died, victims of inequality, corner-cutting and capitalism.

London > Hackney

In East London. Where I used to live. Great place.


Theoretical articles, notes and events from the perspective of working-class self-emancipation.

Marxism > Capitalism

Against it. For its supercession by socialism

Marxism > Marxism and Autism / Neurodiversity

There is a spectrum haunting Europe ...

Politics and Protest

Changing the world for the better

Politics and Protest > Anti-Fascism

Fighting the fash

Politics and Protest > Hating Tories

And if you think that's not fair play, remember this you must ... The Tories, they will spend their day mostly hating us.

Politics and Protest > Housing

Poems and articles about housing and homelessness.

Politics and Protest > Justice?

Miscarriages of, and comments about.

Politics and Protest > Labour Party

A bourgeois workers' party, Lenin called it.

Politics and Protest > Refugees and Migrants

Defending refugees and migrants against a nasty, deadly right-wing assault. No borders!

Politics and Protest > Religion

Secular socialist views ...

Politics and Protest > Support this struggle!

Campaigns, strikes and struggles deserving of your support

Politics and Protest > The media

Newspapers! Telly! All that stuff! Corporate ones that drive you up the wall; maybe some better ones that make you think ...

Politics and Protest > UK General Elections

From the disastrous 2015 election, through the 2017 and 2019 elections, with more to come!

Politics and Protest > Up the Republic!

Scrap the Monarchy - it's an outdated, undemocratic bastion of privilege. Obviously.

Politics and Protest > War and Terror

No to terror. No to war. Unity is strength. Solidarity forever.

Politics and Protest > Work

Working nine-to-five, round-the-clock shifts, only when the boss wants you or not working at all ...


Mainly football, but sometimes cricket, from time to time athletics, and occasionally other sports.

Trade unions

Workers' self-defence starts with getting unionised at work. This section includes material on the trade union struggles and issues I am involved in and/or urge you to support!

Trade unions > RMT

The National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (UK). I have been a member since 1997, and served on the union's national executive 2011-13.

Trade unions > RMT > RMT Disabled Members

Janine was the founding Chair, and later Secretary, of transport trade union RMT's Disabled Members' Advisory Committee.

Trade unions > TUC Disabled Workers Committee

Janine was elected to this Committee in 2013 and each year since (except 2020-21), before leaving it in 2023.