River Reverie, Lewes Railway Lands

Janine will be contributing poems about rivers at this poetic and musical experience, as the evening event of the River Festival. Venue: The Linklater Pavilion Railway Lane Lewes BN72FG  

Poeting at Laughton Greenwood

laughtongreenwood 9fc 58oHXi.tmp

After a day of free activities in our beautiful local woods, Janine will perform at 4pm, followed by Geoff Robb playing his album ‘The Music of the Trees’. FIND US: Park Lane, Laughton, BN8 Please car-share EMAIL: [email protected] FACEBOOK: Laughton … Read more

For Fox Sake, Stop Hunting! (from the archives)

Foxhunting article p1

A recently-unearthed article by eighteen-year-old Janine, from Jamming! issue 26 (February 1985), back in the days when fox hunting was still legal. *** Fox-hunting is part of a die-hard British tradition. As the art of sabotage becomes more cunning, the … Read more

Triolet: Just a Dusting

Dogs in garden with light snow cover

Just a dusting’s not enough There’s barely ample white to fight It’s floating free like frozen fluff Just a dusting’s not enough No handful for a snowball – tough! This winter’s snowfall’s far too light Just a dusting not enough … Read more

Triolet: Batten Down the Hatches


We’re hiding from Storm Bella, me and my lockdown crew The kid, our pets, my fella, we’re hiding from Storm Bella while listening to Paul Weller and watching Doctor Who We’re hiding from Storm Bella, me and my lockdown crew

Triolet: Rewilding


We must rewild this island with lynxes, wolves and bears From lowland up to highland We must rewild this island in waterways and dry land with beaver dams and lairs We must rewild this island with lynxes, wolves and bears

Cats’ Entertainment

Happy mew year cat

For my fellow cat-owning Jam fans. Territorial war and a screaming stand-off A recent kill and a ripped-up bench seat Kittens wailing, scared dog howling The screech for food and sharp claws sinking Cats’ entertainment, cats’ entertainment A smash of … Read more

Blake’s Tiger Revisited


Tiger, tiger, dying out Shrinking forests no redoubt Tell the world to stop and see Its game, its dismal tyranny In what cruel economy Agriculture cuts the tree? Starving our elusive cat Bulldozing its habitat? In what fell society Rising … Read more

Caged Bird, Song Bird

Caged bird

Maya knows why the caged bird sings Its wings are boxed in but its voice is free     You see The perch its stage the cage contains restrains, inspires the cries and trills The wrongs and ills write songs that … Read more

Storm Damage

Tree on the line

Your train is delayed Because of leaves on the line With trees still attached