My Love’s Love


My love loves the River Lea Discovered in recovery Visits uncover mystery On trips with children one, two, three Took looks and books and maps and found His sanctuary, his way around Walking Summer at Rammey Marsh Fetch the ball … Read more

Mostly Biting Tories


Dedicated to Martin Atkins, who asked for a poem in response to this news s-tory. A poetry book fell through my door And landed on my mat I sniffed its arse and wagged my tail And showed it to the … Read more

An Injury to One


The dog sniffs and circles carefully selecting the blade of grass on which to urinate The bailiff slithers along the street switching glare from smartphone to door and back until the numbers match Whichever blade the streak of piss strikes its … Read more



Bird sings at midnight Climate change, light pollution  Or just a daft cock?

First You Let The Cat Out


A satirical piece for cat-loving Leonard Cohen fans; rewritten from First We Take Manhattan … They sentenced her to living with the humans She’s going to try to rule them from within She’s purring now, she’s purring then she’ll doom them … Read more

A Way Through the (Concrete) Woods


Brush off the litter and kick through the papers They rush round and flitter by bricks and skyscrapers  Serve canapés, canopies crowd out the sunshine Apartment blocks, apple trees loud dappled grapevine  Dark undergrowth, underground misunderstood You touch in and … Read more

Sandbags and Gladrags


These are the banks that need to be propped up These the square miles that could do with some bailing out This is the high street where floating stocks are mopped up Defences that fail when they’re cut and left flailing … Read more