Video: Raging

Bushfire Australia

‘ScoMo Must Go!’ chants demand the end of Scott Morrison’s tenure as Australian Prime Minister. But Janine’s poem argues that it is not just ScoMo who must go, but “Every climate change denier, Neoliberal vote for hire …”.


Bushfire Australia

“I believe in a fair go for those who have a go … If you’re having a go you’ll get a go.” Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia, 2019 Everyone must surely know That Sco- Mo- must- go! Liberals reap … Read more

Planet Pantoum


Bring the cities to a standstill We have to save the planet Put apathy in landfill Take fracking back and ban it We have to save the planet Speak urgently and clear Take fracking back and ban it Disarm the … Read more

Thoughts and Prayers

Thoughts and Prayers

Racist terror thoughts and prayers Coffin bearer thoughts and prayers Crossing, drowning thoughts and prayers Solemn, frowning thoughts and prayers Thoughts and prayers and sad reactions Thoughts and prayers but rarely actions Stabbed and killed thoughts and prayers Life unfulfilled … Read more

Pay to Pollute


C-charge T-charge Why is it OK to congest and pollute London So long as you pay?     This poem was published on the Poetry24 website on 29 October 2017.



Bird sings at midnight Climate change, light pollution  Or just a daft cock?

The Coral’s Grief


The warming of oceans by greenhouse gases emitted by human activity has caused large-scale death of coral reefs. A hat tip to Dylan Thomas’ ‘Do Not Go Gentle Into That Dark Night’, as I nicked his villanelle refrain. Do not … Read more

Sandbags and Gladrags


These are the banks that need to be propped up These the square miles that could do with some bailing out This is the high street where floating stocks are mopped up Defences that fail when they’re cut and left flailing … Read more