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  • Antisemitism
  • Prejudice against, hostility towards, stereotyping of Jews

But Where is it Really From?


Where is your title from? My father. No, but where is it really from? It’s been in the family for years. But where did your people get it from? I believe it was conferred on my noble ancestors by the … Read more

Fallen Idol


after Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley   I met a bruised and smiling activist, elated, vindicated in their deed, who’d tossed into the harbour’s swell at Bristol the form of Portland stone to fishes feed Of one whose eight-foot statue’d … Read more

RMT Members Help Win Justice for Osime

Osime Brown article in RMT News

Published in RMT News, July/August 2021 RMT members have helped to win justice for Osime Brown, a young, black, autistic, learning-disabled man. The union saw this as an issue that deserved our support and solidarity. Janine Booth, Secretary of RMT’s Disabled Members’ … Read more

Video: Janine Booth verses Cops and Covid

Cops and Covid

On 27 September 2020, Janine Booth broadcasted an hour-long show on Facebook Live, tackling the two biggest issues of the year: the coronavirus pandemic and police brutality.

What do we want? Specific demands!


Legendary anti-slavery campaigner Frederick Douglass (pictured) once wrote that ‘Power concedes nothing without a demand’. He was spot on. If you approach the government, or the council, or your employer, and tell them that you are unhappy but do not … Read more

Villanelle: Joint Enterprise

Osime Brown

The courts prejudge and penalise, applying law, not playing fair, convicting of ‘joint enterprise’ Two words that catch and criminalise the skin you’re in, the clothes you wear, they prejudge and they penalise You’re guilty in the system’s eyes and … Read more

Black culture and resistance: the Harlem Renaissance

Augusta Savage

Published in Solidarity 569:     One hundred years ago, an arts movement was forming in a mainly-black district of New York City. Later known as the Harlem Renaissance, it was primarily cultural but also inescapably political. Literature, poetry, jazz, … Read more

Bristol’s Brilliant Bus Boycott (1963)

Bristol bus boycott

Back before barring blacks became banned Bristol buses blocked brown-skinned blokes becoming buscrew But better Bristolians batted back bit the bullet and boycotted the buses Bent-backed, booted bipeds bicycled, as bitter brushes blazed between bile and benevolence Bands of brave, … Read more

How Transport Workers Beat the Colour Bar

Asquith Xavier

A version of this was published in Solidarity 568: This story of colour bars in the UK railway and bus industries begins after the Second World War, when Britain had a labour shortage and people moved to Britain in increasing numbers … Read more

Clerihew: Langston Hughes

Langston Hughes

Langston Hughes Wrote poems in the rhythm of the blues He gave folk the shivers With ‘The Negro Speaks of Rivers’