But Where is it Really From?


Where is your title from? My father. No, but where is it really from? It’s been in the family for years. But where did your people get it from? I believe it was conferred on my noble ancestors by the … Read more

Video: Neurodiversity and Socialism


Janine speaks about neurodiversity, capitalism and socialism at the Autistic Pride event in Woolwich on 30 July 2022. Includes the poem Manifesto from Behind the Mask.

Trickle-Down Economics

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Give handouts to the City not the town Award the top the most, the bottom least and in the end, the wealth will trickle down So feed the finest to the howling hound The sparrow pecks the droppings of the … Read more

To Show Due Respect …

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Companies have suspended polluting the air Governments have suspended cutting our care Energy firms have suspended price rises Landlords have suspended nasty surprises Employers have suspended exploiting our labours Lobbyists have suspended cashing in favours Bosses have suspended giving the … Read more

Price Rises

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We’ve put our products’ prices up, that’s what we chose to do The power firms are doing it, so we can do it too We’re going to charge a fair chunk more to everyone who buys If they won’t pay … Read more

Capitalism and Greed

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The loose-tongued Prime Minister claimed that capitalism and greed made the vaccine succeed.   Really?   I don’t remember selecting my injection from the many assembled on a free-market stall. Not at all.   And I don’t recall thinking ‘that … Read more

Know Your Enemy

Refugee boat

To see the roots of poverty the plight of the have-nots Don’t look at little dinghies but at massive super-yachts

Autistic Pride Picnic

Autistic Pride 2019

Janine will be giving a short talk about autism, neurodiverstiy and capitalism at the Fifth Annual Autistic Pride Picnic in Hyde Park, London.

Unlucky Number


World’s richest get richer while planet’s poorest get poorer, new Oxfam report shows:   Twenty-six people own as much wealth as the poorest half of the world’s population, as three point eight billion humans. Twenty-six people: one for every letter … Read more



Carillion’s Made its billions Now its debt is so big, its account’s in vermillion With coldness reptilian It dumps on civilians Rides off into sunset; the Tories ride pillion If it were not so serious, it would be vaudevillian The … Read more

Mind the Gap: Cancer and Class


… or ‘The Lumpen Proletariat’ … Over recent decades, UK cancer death rates have fallen significantly. They began falling in the late 1980s, and by 2006 had fallen by 17%. More people than ever before are surviving cancer, with 78% … Read more

The Price of Progress: Capitalism and Cancer


After my breast cancer surgery, the factors which indicate whether I would benefit from chemotherapy were inconclusive. There was one further test available. The Oncotype DX test examines the activity of 21 genes in the tumour tissue of patients with … Read more

Who Needs Bosses?


Without us nothing’s moved nor made No building and no bricks Without us no foundations laid And nothing broken fixed Without our labour they’ve no purpose No profits, only losses The bosses always need the workers But workers don’t need bosses … Read more

Homeless Man Dies Frozen

In February 2013, homeless man Daniel Gauntlett died of hypothermia on the doorstep of an empty bungalow in Aylesford, Kent. Homeless man dies frozen on steps of empty bungalow Man named Daniel Gauntlett Headline of Kent local paper Just words … Read more

LGBT Liberation: Why the Working Class?

from the Workers’ Liberty pamphlet Radical Chains: Sexuality and Class Politics, published in 1999. “a class with radical chains … which can only redeem itself by a total redemption of humanity” “The emancipation of the working class is also the … Read more

If It Weren’t For …

If it weren’t for hangovers, I’d get drunk every night If it weren’t for employers, employment would be alright If it weren’t for delays, the train wouldn’t be late If it weren’t for the state, the welfare state would be … Read more


A rewrite of Rudyard Kipling’s ‘If’: If you evade your tax when all around you Are paying theirs and saying you should too If values like integrity confound you But ruthlessness comes naturally to you If you can live off … Read more