Language Studies student analyses poem, ‘p.p.e.’

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Language Studies student Fiona Wilson wrote this analysis of Janine’s poem ‘p.p.e.’ for her degree, scoring a distinction.   Introduction This final piece of work, the EMA in fulfilment of the module, asks we students to consider the question “What … Read more

End of the Line

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Walk down locked and empty streets alone, arrive for start of shift, it’s bear-the-brunt time to serve some others’ families not your own Going from the home front to the frontline Frozen pay, now tiny, ice-cold ‘offers’, red-bordered bills alert … Read more

Ambushed by a Cake

Ambush headline

He was taken aback by a slice of flapjack Spliced by an iced bun that jumped him for fun   And the poor bloke was wholly jammed by a roly poly He was knocked quite agog by a shocking chocolate log   He … Read more

Bring Your Own


Bring your own booze Bring your own excitement Bring your own rules Bring your own entitlement Bring your own germs Bring your own immunity Bring your own free pass to party with impunity Bring your own scorn Bring your own … Read more

Unprecedented Rhymes – Live!


On 29 April 2021, Janine launched her poetry collection, ‘Unprecedented Rhymes – verses versus the virus’.  Featuring guest speaker Ali Brown from Safe and Equal, and guest rhymester The Repeat Beat Poet, this is the hour-long online launch.

Anti-Vax Parallax


Blocking folk from getting jabs Harassing working people  Spouting endless bafflegab While calling others sheeple Sharing psychobabble memes  Spurning free protection This is off so many beams This isn’t insurrection I too don’t trust authority I want to smash the … Read more

Hancock’s Last Hour


A classic of Great British humour Slapstick, slap-and-tickle, caught on candid camera And everyone likes to see the bad guy get his comeuppance, don’t they? But there is something of the gangster genre about it too where Al Capone is … Read more

I’ve Got Your Number

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My profit margin’s wracked with doubt My tax demands encumber I think I know a good way out – Now, where is Johnson’s number? I manufacture hoovers, mate, but with a bit of luck I’m sure I’ll make them ventilate … Read more

What they are saying about ‘Unprecedented Rhymes’


Buy it here. Janine’s poetry is a raw and powerful expression of the solidarity between working- class people (in all our diversity) throughout history but also particularly the community resistance and togetherness that we have felt during the pandemic. Nadia … Read more

Disability Campaigners Celebrate ‘Easements’ Win


Published in Solidarity 587, 7 April 2021 Disabled people’s organisations have scored an important victory as the government has announced that local councils will no longer be excused from meeting their social care obligations. A year ago, the Coronavirus Act … Read more

Capitalism and Greed

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The loose-tongued Prime Minister claimed that capitalism and greed made the vaccine succeed.   Really?   I don’t remember selecting my injection from the many assembled on a free-market stall. Not at all.   And I don’t recall thinking ‘that … Read more

Locked Up and Down

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If you’re locked down with books and a partner who cooks better than you Then you’ll probably get through If you’re locked down with a garden it might not be so hard and with a nice glass of wine You’ll … Read more

Credit Where It’s Due

twenty pounds

Some people know what it is worth. Some people can now buy fresh fruit. Or keep the heating on for another hour. Some people can get a decent present for the kiddo’s birthday. Or a coat when winter comes in. … Read more

Disabled workers and Covid


This is the text of my contribution to the debate at TUC Disabled Workers’ Conference on 10 March 2019. Hi. I’m Janine Booth, representing RMT. Our members work in the rail, road transport, shipping and offshore energy industries. I want to … Read more

The Roadmap Ahead


What if I can’t stand the train without the carriage to myself? What if I can’t stretch and strain to reach up to the luggage shelf? What if all the outside seats are taken and the queue’s too long? And … Read more

Self-Isolation in a Single Hostel Room

single room

Day 1 confined to room – no going out Day 2 do push-ups, Netflix, clean the floor Day 3 phone friends and scrub the tiling grout Day 4 a breakfast bag outside the door Day 5 phone friends and tell … Read more

Silent Night


It’s Thursday evening, eight o’clock, no sound No passing cars or footsteps on the ground No pots or pans or cheering to be found As nobody is clapping this time round When this began, we clapped them off to war … Read more

Free Zhang Zhan!


China jails citizen journalist for Wuhan reports Four years in jail for citizen reporter Who spread the news from virus-struck Wuhan Her mother cries in court to lose her daughter She showed the world the sickness, did Zhang Zhan So … Read more

Video: Janine Booth verses Cops and Covid

Cops and Covid

On 27 September 2020, Janine Booth broadcasted an hour-long show on Facebook Live, tackling the two biggest issues of the year: the coronavirus pandemic and police brutality.