Attila Recommends CoronaVerses


Attila the Stockbroker gives his endorsement to CoronaVerses: poems from the pandemic. (Well, he does have a couple of poems in it!) And now for a passionate entreaty to buy a fantastic book of poetry. A few days into all … Read more

Hancock’s Half Hour


Broadcast at five o’clock to millions of eager viewers Our hapless hero tackles the latest crisis Trying to sound authoritative but never quite in control His spivvy mate usually gets the better of him It’s not Railway Cuttings it’s Downing … Read more

Life and Death and Politics

no politics

This is no time for politics for critics or for lobbing bricks for calling names or stones and sticks for challenging, for landing kicks The time’s not right for your point-scoring, rival party leaders’ warring Disagreement’s jolly boring, disrespecting people … Read more

Not Lost


Ten thousand people have not lost their lives. They did not leave them behind or forget where they put them They did not misplace them. Their lives were taken.

Solidarity on CoronaVerses: poems from the pandemic


Click here to read this very positive review. In a socially-distanced world this act of creating space for the looser, deeper observation poetry and other creative arts can make to our understanding of our present situation is important. If, like … Read more


Test PPE

personal protective equipment proves particularly effective preventing pandemic excretion polluting public environments profit pursuers expect priority, private enterprise prevails: purchasing essentials proves prohibitively expensive production postponed, exhausted public protectors endangered political patent expired pay packets empty premier’s proxy explains ‘patience, … Read more

Covid-19 and austerity: The threat to disabled people


Published in Solidarity 542, 7 April 2020.   Disabled people’s organisations (DPOs) are objecting to the lack of adequate healthcare, the loss of social care support, the erosion of rights – and the ominous attitude that disabled people are somehow … Read more

Night Tube (Covid-19 remix)


It’s just like any other Saturday night but without the vomit and with no-one to fight It’s just like Night Tube but nobody’s pissed and the two people here are socially distant It’s just like every other morning after but … Read more

CoronaVerses: poems from the pandemic

CoronaVerses Cover

Buy the ebook online here! This book is emerging in the UK at the very beginning of April 2020. Coronavirus has already killed over two thousand people in this country and many thousands more around the world. We are under … Read more

Clap for Carers


Claps at windows Claps at doors Claps with power and verve Wave on wave of loud applause our care workers deserve Applause spread fast round our estate Applause saw us unite Applause lets us appreciate the ones who lead this … Read more

Wherefore Art Thou, Capitalism?


No-one’s saying leave it to the markets No-one’s claiming competition’s key That stockbrokers will lead us from the darkness None are sneering now at stuff for free No-one says that laissez-faire will sort it No-one argues we’ll be saved by … Read more

Stay The Fuck Home

Stay The Fuck Home

Stay the fuck home, they yelled at a grey-haired man in the supermarket that they were also in Stay the fuck home, they insisted – Follow government advice! (which is not for everyone to Stay the fuck home) Stay the … Read more

Dispensible Other


Accept our rule and stop this hue and cry Some loved ones have to go before their time It’s just the weak and sick and old who’ll die We have a theory here to justify Our nudging unit thinks it’s … Read more



You have no skills – you’re just a carer, a labourer, an apron-wearer, You smear on cream and dish out pills – you don’t have skills. You have no skills, you just wipe arses, the underside of the underclasses, You … Read more