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  • NHS and Health
  • Poems and pondering on all matters health, and on fighting to defend our NHS.
  • Covid-19
  • Poems and ponderings on the health crisis that hit the world in early 2020.
  • Mental health
  • Examining mental distress and ill-health and the (lack of) support available
  • Transport
  • Public transport - publicly-owned and -accountable, democratically run by workers and passengers, affordable, accessible, safe, efficient, environmentally-friendly ... cor, that'd be good, wouldn't it?!
  • Welfare Benefits
  • We need them. The right wing attacks them.

Schools For All? Conference

Janine will be leading workshops on Neurodiversity at this online conference on Special Educational Needs and Disabilities organised by the Socialist Educational Association. Details and registration here.

Poetry in Asylum magazine

Asylum poetry callout

Janine has recently taken over as Poetry Editor of Asylum magazine. Asylum wants your poetry for our radical mental health magazine. Asylum has been running for nearly forty years, providing a platform for all perspectives on mental health. Asylum is influenced and … Read more

Villanelle: A Step or Two

retractable belt stanchion gbcee2961f 1280

Autumn falls and storm clouds brew The post each day brings season’s chill The queue moves on a step or two The last demand is overdue It stands unopened on the sill As autumn falls and storm clouds brew They … Read more

End of the Line

railway 2439189 1920

Walk down locked and empty streets alone, arrive for start of shift, it’s bear-the-brunt time to serve some others’ families not your own Going from the home front to the frontline Frozen pay, now tiny, ice-cold ‘offers’, red-bordered bills alert … Read more

Autistic Pride

Woolwich Common Youth Club, 144 Nightingale Place, Woolwich SE18 4HE Autistic speakers, poets and singers. Come and buy from the stalls with art, clothing, books and jewellery, all autistic made. 1.15pm Welcome opening by Emma Dalmayne 1.15 – 1.35pm – … Read more

Please, No!


There was I, a few minutes ago, minding my own business, awaiting the announcement of my platform at King’s Cross, when over the PA came the voice of Michael Portillo wishing the station a happy birthday. So, might I just … Read more

Clerihew: Andrew Haines


Andrew Haines carefully explains That his £593,000 pay is not a perk – He really is worth twenty of the people who do the actual work — *Chief Executive Officer of Network Rail

Clerihew: Jeremy Westlake


Jeremy Westlake has the second best take He’s in charge of the cash and makes sure he gets a big stash

NeurodiVERSE in Brighton

Brighton launch of NeurodiVERSE, an anthology of poetry by neurodivergent writers Three of the contributors to (and two of the co-editors of) NeurodiVERSE provide the entertainment as we launch this anthology of poetry by neurodivergent writers. Henry Normal is an award-winning … Read more

Poetry & Opposition

RMT - Save PnO Jobs

Pompous & Opulent Prosperous & Ostentatious Profiteering & On-the-take Parsimonious & Obstinate Penny-pinching & ‘Orrible Private & Obscene Perfidious & Odious Poisonous & Objectionable Punishing & Oppressive Petition & Organise Protest & Outrage Picket & Occupy Public & Ownership.

TUC Disabled Workers Condemn P&O Sackings

RMT - Save PnO Jobs

The TUC’s Disabled Members’ Committee has made this statement: Accessible public transport is essential for disabled people to participate in society on an equal and independent basis. To be genuinely accessible, public transport must be adequately staffed by workers with … Read more

Poplar: the Borough that Fought Back and Won

RMT News Poplar

… and why it matters today By Janine Booth, published in RMT News. The two biggest employers in the east London borough of Poplar one hundred years were the railways and the docks. Our forerunner unions had plenty of members … Read more

Women Working Shifts

womens health and safety

At this year’s TUC Women’s Conference, one of the motions we debated was about working shifts, particularly women’s safety on late shifts. This was my contribution to the debate. You can watch the video of this speech here. I’m Janine … Read more

Ambushed by a Cake

Ambush headline

He was taken aback by a slice of flapjack Spliced by an iced bun that jumped him for fun   And the poor bloke was wholly jammed by a roly poly He was knocked quite agog by a shocking chocolate log   He … Read more

Bring Your Own


Bring your own booze Bring your own excitement Bring your own rules Bring your own entitlement Bring your own germs Bring your own immunity Bring your own free pass to party with impunity Bring your own scorn Bring your own … Read more