Praise Without Pay’s …


A century ago, in August 1921, Labour Councillor Jack Wooster told crowds demonstrating in support of Poplar’s rebel councillors that “Sympathy without relief [the name back then for welfare benefits] is like mustard without beef”. —- Sympathy without relief is … Read more

Don’t Mention the Pension!

Now sit up, pay attention They’re coming for our pension I’m feeling apprehension I don’t trust their intention It gives me hypertension This isn’t an invention – that’s your misapprehension Consider this dimension: For if it’s their intention to raid … Read more

Credit Where It’s Due

twenty pounds

Some people know what it is worth. Some people can now buy fresh fruit. Or keep the heating on for another hour. Some people can get a decent present for the kiddo’s birthday. Or a coat when winter comes in. … Read more

Report: TUC Disabled Workers’ Committee, 5 July 2016


Election of co-Chair: Sean McGovern, the Disabled Workers’ representative on TUC General Council, chairs the Committee. I was re-elected unopposed as co-Chair for another year.   Action on Resolutions from Disabled Workers Conference In carrying out the decisions of the … Read more

Change Here


​Based on a true incident … Paula was tired from a day out protesting Paula was on her way home, needed resting She slumped on the train and She winced against pain and She thought, “Days like this one are … Read more

Benefits Street


Channel Five’s schedule For most every day Benefits Street cesspool  And Welfarers Way Ramsay Street Scroungers  Then Home and Away They’re idlers and loungers In old Summer Bay Then Stateside US For our afternoon treat It’s NCIS: No Current Income … Read more