Neurodiversity: a core bargaining issue

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There is an excellent article in November 2022’s Labour Research – ‘Neurodiversity: a core bargaining issue’. I’m pleased to say that I am extensively quoted! If you would like to read the full text, ask your trade union if it … Read more

Is There Power In a Union for Autistic Workers?


  An assessment of trade unions as drivers of positive change for autistic people at work, written as an assignment for Postgraduate Certificate in Autism and Asperger Syndrome  [Note: this is not advocating a union for autistic workers, but assessing the potential … Read more

Why Does Work Not Work for Autistic People?


Assignment written for the Postgraduate Certificate in Autism and Asperger Syndrome, Sheffield Hallam University.   WHY DOES WORK NOT WORK FOR US? How and why is employment hostile to autistic people? How useful are the main autism theories in explaining … Read more

Neurodivergent workers: What is your story?


I’m Janine Booth. I’m autistic, and I write and deliver training courses to trade unionists and others about autism and neurodiversity. As part of the courses, we look at real-life case studies of neurodivergent workers’ experiences. It is important to … Read more

A Social Model of Neurodiversity at Work


Fatima’s autism makes her hypersensitive to bright lights, so she can’t work in our office, poor thing. OR The bright lights in our office make Fatima distressed as she is autistic and unusually sensitive to light. She can work here … Read more

Asking for Evidence about Autism and Employment


Today, I was a panellist at at evidence session organised by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Autism, discussing autism and employment. There were several ‘witnesses’, mostly employers and representatives of charities. Some were autistic, some not. The APPGA will publish … Read more

We Had To Let Them Go


Ever wondered why only 16% of autistic adults have a full-time job? He worked alone, not a team player Not a keeper or a stayer Didn’t fit in, not really our sort Talked about boring stuff not sport We had to … Read more

Neurodiversity under Capitalism and under Socialism


Autistic, dyspraxic, dyslexic and other people with atypical brain wiring have particular experiences under capitalism. These experiences have positive and negative aspects, and for many people include distress and disadvantage. What are the roots and the causes of this experience? … Read more

5 ways you can support an autistic colleague at work

Written for and published by, here.   Work can be an uphill climb for autistic people. Colleague support can smooth out the gradient and make it easier going, explains Janine Booth, co-chair of the TUC Disabled Workers’ Committee. Each … Read more

Learn about neurodiversity with PCS


Published on PCS website, 3 May 2017: PCS recently held its second Neurodiversity In The Workplace course, with plans to hold the two-day course in every PCS region and nation this year. The course, tutored by Janine Booth, teaches reps and … Read more

Autism and Workplace Stress


The Summer 2016 issue of unionlearn’s ‘Learning Rep’ magazine includes an article on ‘Changing the way we work’, arguing that “Identifying the real roots of workplace stress is the best way to genuinely promote mental and physical health at work.” RMT … Read more

Marxism and Autism: matters arising


Some notes from recent discussions on Marxism and autism (two meetings and some online exchanges): There is a capitalist market in products aimed at autistic people and their families. These range from useful resources through to fake and even abusive … Read more