Union blog: Fighting for neurodiversity equality at work


Published on the PCS blog on 10 April 2017: For autism awareness month, trainer and campaigner Janine Booth blogs about the neurodiversity in the workplace course she is running for PCS. Last week, the first regional PCS neurodiversity in the workplace course … Read more

Report: RMT Disabled Members’ Conference


Yesterday saw RMT’s first ever Disabled Members’ Conference, held in London. Although quite small (9 delegates, plus union officials), the important thing was that it took place at all, especially as rank-and-file members had pushed for its creation against the … Read more

Autism and Marxism

A 20-minute PowerPoint presentation discussing whether Marxism can help us to understand autistic experience in modern capitalism, and how it might inform our struggles for liberation.

Ode to SuBo


The media is reporting that Susan Boyle may never perform live again, and that this is because of her Asperger Syndrome – implying that it is her autism that is the problem rather than the barriers that the entertainment industry … Read more

How Do I Challenge Autism Discrimination At Work?


Published in the National Autistic Society’s magazine ‘Your Autism’ – Winter 2016   How do I… challenge discrimination at work? By Janine Booth Most autistic people want to work, but often encounter difficulties in the workplace which employers can address … Read more

For a world where diversity is normal


Published in Solidarity 409, 15 June 2016 Val Graham reviews Autism Equality in the Workplace by Janine Booth. Janine Booth, poet and author of Autism Equality in the Workplace, is both a worker and trade union activist. A member of … Read more

Book Launch: Autism Equality in the Workplace


On Thursday 12 May, author Janine Booth and foreword-writer John McDonnell MP spoke at the launch event for ‘Autism Equality in the Workplace: removing barriers and challenging discrimination’, with contributions from two autistic workers and a parent of an autistic … Read more

Review: Removing Barriers for Autistic Workers


From Solidarity 405, 18 May 2016. Cathy Nugent reviews Autism Equality in the Workplace: Removing barriers and challenging discrimination by Janine Booth. Available to buy online here. This is not a book of advice for autistic people on how to … Read more

Article on ‘Autism in the Workplace’ guide

This article – http://www.hrreview.co.uk/hr-news/diversity-news/workplaces-need-to-be-more-autism-friendly/51541 – in HR Review, outlines the usefulness of the ‘Autism in the Workplace guide’ I wrote for the TUC in 2014.

Unionlearn plugs Autism Equality in the Workplace


Click here to read Unionlearn’s plug for Janine’s new book, Autism Equality in the Workplace. Unionlearn is a great resource for trade union learning representatives, and for all trade unionists interested in gaining knowledge and skills and encouraging workmates to do … Read more

Supporting Autism in the Workplace


Published as a blog post on TUC unionlearn: Three years ago, at the age of 45, I was diagnosed as autistic. It made complete sense to me, like being short-sighted all my life and finally getting a pair of glasses! … Read more