Neurodivergent workers: What is your story?


I’m Janine Booth. I’m autistic, and I write and deliver training courses to trade unionists and others about autism and neurodiversity. As part of the courses, we look at real-life case studies of neurodivergent workers’ experiences. It is important to … Read more

Les politiques socialistes de la neurodiversité


This is the French text of Janine’s talk in Paris on 24 July. You can see the English version in this video. Originally posted by CLE Autistes, with other speeches at the event, here. Janine Booth : les politiques socialistes … Read more

A Social Model of Neurodiversity at Work


Fatima’s autism makes her hypersensitive to bright lights, so she can’t work in our office, poor thing. OR The bright lights in our office make Fatima distressed as she is autistic and unusually sensitive to light. She can work here … Read more

Open Letter: Dear ‘Autism Parent’


Dear ‘Autism Parent’ When I found out that my son was autistic, it changed my world. I didn’t know anything about autism at that point. I and his dad wanted to know as much as we could find out.   … Read more

Two-and-a-half Cheers for Neurodiversity


Since autistic activist Judy Singer coined the term ‘neurodiversity’ some twenty years ago, it has facilitated a great enlightenment and a progressive new approach to the experiences and rights of autistic and other neurologically atypical people. It is now facing … Read more

Neurodiversity under Capitalism and under Socialism


Autistic, dyspraxic, dyslexic and other people with atypical brain wiring have particular experiences under capitalism. These experiences have positive and negative aspects, and for many people include distress and disadvantage. What are the roots and the causes of this experience? … Read more



Neurotypicals Seem odd because they can’t see The trees for the wood

Proposing RMT Adopts the Social Model of Disability


At this year’s RMT AGM, I spoke in favour of a resolution from the union’s Disabled Members’ Conference calling on the union to adopt the social model of disability. The resolution was passed unanimously. This is what I said. RMT’s … Read more

Vox Pop


Molly choked ​On her voddy and coke When Pat told her the Tories’ intention To unlock her pension Not to mention Their plans for social care Grow old if you dare Mrs May says It’s her lucky day Molly can die in … Read more

Learn about neurodiversity with PCS


Published on PCS website, 3 May 2017: PCS recently held its second Neurodiversity In The Workplace course, with plans to hold the two-day course in every PCS region and nation this year. The course, tutored by Janine Booth, teaches reps and … Read more

RMT holds first disabled members conference


Published in Solidarity 435, 12 April 2017 On 28 March, transport union RMT held its first ever Disabled Members’ Conference. Rank-and-file activists had called for the establishment of this conference for several years, but repeatedly met with rejection by the … Read more