Oswestry Pride 2024 Variety Show

Oswestry Pride Variety Show

Dungeons & Drag Kings Founder Jenn Deere will be hosting the Oswestry Pride Variety Show at Attfield Theatre, featuring performances from Chester’s drag king Mr Brake Down, poet Janine Booth, drag queen Coco Canal, and more!

Pride Is

Autistic Pride 2017

Pride is this:
the counter-march to prejudice

There’s a reason it was named:
Pride is refusal to feel ashamed.

LGBT+ Educators hold largest-ever union conference

NEU LGBT+ Conference 2024

Report from National Education Union LGBT+ Educators Conference by Janine Booth, delegate Published in Solidarity 698 Last weekend (2-4 February), 350 lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and other non-straight education workers gathered in Birmingham for the National Education Union’s largest ever … Read more


drag queen 1

Opposing imaginary ribaldry Detestable protests at a library Serious, stern of jaw and dour Objecting to Drag Queen Story Hour Reckoning kids are groomed and primed – But why don’t they protest at pantomimes? Alarmed at the harmless, dressed-up take-up … Read more

Tonight I Went to Heaven

heavens gate

Tonight I went to Heaven after months of pain My friends held my hands, the man at the not-exactly-pearly gate checked my bag and the siren on the stage brought her dead pals to Heaven with her Tonight I went … Read more

Clerihew: J.K. Rowling

JK Rowling

J.K. Rowling Is bawling and howling That a wolf can change into a human But a man can’t change into a woman

What a Croc

Morning Star anti-trans cartoon

A response to an appallingly bigoted cartoon (pictured) which appeared in the Morning Star. An oversight has come to light our usual process transgressed, broke apart and through the cracks crept a carnivorous cold-blooded cartoon a hand-drawn saurian, fawning, crawling, … Read more

Stonewall Was a Riot

Stonewall Was a Riot

Stonewall Was a Riot It wasn’t the Stonewall focus group or the Stonewall business case It wasn’t the Stonewall let’s-present- our-most-acceptable-face Long years of asking nicely had not got us anywhere Our rulers did not hear us when we whispered: … Read more

Stonewall Was A Riot


From the pamphlet, Radical Chains: sexuality and class politics, 1999: “The rallying point of the gay liberation movement … the bar riot that ushered in the gay rights movement” … “Stonewall is the emblematic event in lesbian and gay history … Read more


The life expectancy of a Black trans woman in the USA is just 35. This is a villanelle about that shocking statistic. Black boys grown women fighting to survive In freedom’s land are some folks not allowed To live beyond … Read more



A reflection on my son visiting the Stonewall Inn because of his passionate commitment to LGBT equality, only to find that he couldn’t go in. I remember the age of consent cut from twenty-one A landmark among the battles our … Read more

Mostly Hating Tories: an extra verse for Pride


Written on the bus home from Pride in London 2015: Among Pride’s stars and thespians Were Stonewall 69ers Trade unionists and Lesbians And Gays Support the Miners  So let’s remember if we may The Pits and Perverts stories We didn’t … Read more

Poetry LGBT – Supporting Rainbow International

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At Tipsy Bar, Dalston. Janine and many other poets/acts will be performing at this regular, monthly event. June’s Poetry LGBT will be raising funds and awareness for Rainbow International LGBT Activist Solidarity Fund.