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  • Anti-Racism
  • Fighting against racism and the structures and institutions that perpetuate it
  • Antisemitism
  • Prejudice against, hostility towards, stereotyping of Jews
  • Disability
  • Disabled people campaigning for rights - for access, benefits, services and equality; against discrimination, cuts, prejudice and pity!
  • Autism
  • Autistic people face discrimination and prejudice in a society which expects us to understand and fit in with social rules that are not of our making.
  • Autism in the workplace

    Writing, training, speaking, campaigning ...

  • Disability rights
  • Action against discrimination.
  • Disabled access to public transport
  • Removing the barriers that prevent disabled people from travelling
  • Neurodiversity
  • 'Neurodiversity' means that different people have different brain wiring. Those with a minority brain wiring - such as dyslexic, autistic and dyspraxic people - face discrimination at work and in wider society. 
  • LGBT+ liberation
  • Campaigning for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans* rights.
  • Women’s liberation
  • Socialist feminism! Everyday sexism! Women's struggles past and present!
  • Sexism
  • Misogyny, discrimination, prejudice, ...
  • Socialist feminism
  • No women's liberation without socialism, not socialism without women's liberation
  • Violence Against Women
  • On average, more than two women in England and Wales are killed by a male partner or ex. And then there is rape, sexual harassment, and more.

Women (and men) workers in Finland’s transport industry

September 2013: On the first day of the ETF Women’s Committee meeting, several Finnish transport trade unionists attended as guests, including women from the logistics, shipping, rail and salaried sectors. We also had a presentation from Tapio Bergholm, who has … Read more

Lifestyles for Liberation?

from the Workers’ Liberty pamphlet, Radical Chains: Sexuality and Class Politics, published in 1999. From the Stonewall Inn to the Admiral Duncan, the state and the far right have attacked gay venues. Defending our rights has meant defending our right … Read more

People Before Profit


from the Workers’ Liberty pamphlet Radical Chains: Sexuality and Class Politics, published in 1999 A good place to start is with what we need. It’s better than starting with what politicians are prepared to give, or what employers say they … Read more

LGBT Liberation: Why the Working Class?

from the Workers’ Liberty pamphlet Radical Chains: Sexuality and Class Politics, published in 1999. “a class with radical chains … which can only redeem itself by a total redemption of humanity” “The emancipation of the working class is also the … Read more

Rooting Out Homophobia

from the pamphlet Radical Chains: Sexuality and Class Politics, published in 1999. What causes homophobia? Why are lesbian, gay and bisexual people oppressed? Attempt to find answers to these questions, and many gay rights campaigners will chide you for venturing … Read more

Speech: Disabled Access to Public Transport

This is the speech I gave to TUC Disabled Workers’ Conference on 28 May 2014. Many of you will have your own experiences of both the freedom provided by public transport and the difficulty using it – be that the … Read more